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UPDATE (Jan. 19): Authority figures allegedly send students inappropriate messages

Latest update on Brittany Sumrall Johnson (as of Jan. 19):
According to the Bastrop Enterprise, Kilbourne teacher and coach Brittany Johnson, 26, has resigned in the midst of accusations that she had been sending inappropriate messages to a 14-year-old student.
The report further states that Johnson has been accused of sending suggestive messages through MySpace to the student last month.
Bastrop Enterprise
Previous posts are below. Louisiana Now will continue to follow this story, and provide updates as they become available.
Editor's Note:
Here at Louisiana Now we're dedicated to giving our loyal visitors what they're looking for and the best coverage of the state, without wasting their time. We've noticed that this item has been the most popular over the last few days, so we've decided to expand it to give you a clear picture of the situation. Plenty of search engine surfers have landed on this page looking for "Brittany Sumrall Johnson" (some have misspelled the name "Britney Sumrall Johnson). So we've set out to dig up more dirt on this story.

We were able to find a listing for a Brittany Sumrall Johnson of Monroe, LA on Facebook, but it appears to have been removed from the site. The cached page, however, remains. We haven't been able to confirm if this page is the teacher in question, or simply someone with the exact same name who happens to live in Monroe. Other Web sites have the same photo displayed along with coverage of the story. Nevertheless, the cahced page displayed the photo below.

According to a report in the Monroe News Star:
The West Carroll Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating allegations that a Kilbourne High School teacher-coach exchanged suggestive and inappropriate e-mails with a 14-year-old male student.

The News Star went on to report that one of the messages allegedly contained:
"And oh my gosh did u look hot! I can't wait 4 u 2 play varsity (so) we can hook up on the bus on the way home lol!,"; "oh yea and in the closet, I so wanted to grab you and pull u in there and shut that door and take full advantage of you..."; and "has anyone ever told u that u have a fine a— and body?"

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Original Louisiana Now post on Jan. 10:
Kilbourne High School’s eighth grade English language arts teacher and girl’s basketball coach, Brittany Sumrall Johnson, allegedly sent messages on MySpace to her 14 year old student asking for sex, according to a report by the Bastrop Enterprise.
The second school employee who allegedly sent inappropriate messages reportedly is Sterlington High School’s baseball coach, Todd Moore, according to the Bastrop media outlet.
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Bastrop Enterprise
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Jindal: Bill will provide guidance on student-teacher communication
The issue of inappropriate communication involving teachers and students may rise to the state level for public discussion this spring.
Monroe News Star

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