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Rapper Hurricane Chris performs for Louisiana House

From We Saw That: rapper Hurricane Chris performed Halle Berry (She's Fine) for the Louisiana House of Representatives.
UPDATED (June 25):
TMZ has jumped on the Hurricane Chris bandwagon, by posting "Hurricane Hits Louisiana Capitol," quipping "it's not like they have anything more important to be doing there, right?"
"The rapper, a.k.a. Chris Dooley, Jr., was recently honored by his home state," TMZ writes. "But instead of giving him a key to the city or some random certificate of congratulations, they gave him the House floor -- and he brought his beats."
The video has also been linked to Breitbart.tv.
Wonkette posted the video link, titled 'Rapper Performs Song About Nice Lady, On Louisiana House Floor.'
Virginian-Pilot writer Malcolm Venable proclaims, "My faith in humanity is now officially shattered" after discovering the video.
"It is a song so unbelievably stupid, so unrepentantly ignorant and low-class that you have to love it, though of course with a dose of high irony," Venable writes.
And he concludes, "Don't they (the Louisiana Legislature) have anything else better to do?"
Get this! HR134 "commends Hurricane Chris of Shreveport for his outstanding musical accomplishments."
Representative Barbara M. Norton, a Democrat from District 3 authored HR134.
So the state of Louisiana is recognizing a performer who records songs with vulgar lyrics?
Here's a sample of the lyrics from the song he performed for the House:
"She fine den a b*tch, ass and her t*ts
Thick in tha hips every nig want her"
"Now what I just said girl do it on tha d*ck
Age ain't sh*t"
"In order for a nig like me to spend cash
You gotta bounce like shocks in your ass
You, bed, ass, work"
"Mr. Take your b*tch
Take her from tha club
To tha car to tha d*ck"
UPDATE (June 25 6:30 p.m.):

We Saw That also posted the complete Hurricane Chris "Halle Berry" video, which totals nearly 10 minutes.
"I'm very proud of Hurricane Chris, who is my god son," Norton said in the video.
"Don't act like you ain't never heard of it," Norton said later about the song.
The song kicks off at the 6:38 mark.
The videos were originally uploaded to YouTube by We Saw That and posted to the We Saw That blog.

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