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John Stossel questions Louisiana florist license

TownHall.com: "The people of Louisiana must sleep soundly knowing that their state protects them from...unlicensed florists," writes columnist John Stossel.


Anonymous said...

I am a licensed florist, and I think its ridiculous that we have to have this license to do what we love to do. Its not a health emergency whatsoever. I understand a hairstylist needing a license, because they're dealing with customers' hair and body. Its just another way for the state to be greedy and make money for no reason.

David O'Neal said...

I am a retail florist here in the state of Louisiana who has been in business now going on five years. We have a very successful business and we are located next to a funeral home. I strongly oppose the state requirements for florist. I have had non-licensed designers work for me who are more talented than some who hold the state license! I have often wondered how long it would be before some idiot in Baton Rouge comes up with the idea that the state can make a lot of money by requiring every Burger Joint in the state to require their cooks to be licensed for making a burger! I hope this law is done away with. Leave it to Louisiana to be the only state to have such a ridiculous requirement for would be florists.