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Louisiana representatives vote against 'cap and trade' energy tax bill

From The Houma Courier: President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives narrowly passed sweeping legislation Friday that establishes the Unites States' first limits on pollution linked to global warming and aims to usher in a new era of cleaner, yet more costly, energy.
The vote was 219-212.
Republicans were overwhelmingly against the measure.
Louisiana's representatives voted no.
Congressman Charlie Melancon, D-Napoelonville, voted against the measure, as referenced in the Courier article.
Melancon is the lone Democrat in the Louisiana delegation.
Congressman Steve Scalise strongly opposed the tax, putting out the following statement:
"This cap and trade energy tax will raise utility costs on every American family to generate $646 billion in new taxes, while shipping millions of American jobs to foreign countries like China."
Congressman Bill Cassidy said cap and trade means fewer jobs and a weaker economy, citing the Heritage Foundation's analysis and Brookings Institution estimates.
Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr. "urged his colleagues to oppose Speaker Nancy Pelosi's proposed 'Cap and Trade' energy tax bill," according to a statement on his site.
Congressman John Fleming posted to his Twitter page: "Will fight to defeat this 'energy tax' on American families."
Congressmen Rodney Alexander and Joseph Cao also voted against the bill.

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