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Camera catches student cursing in classroom while fighting with another student

In the above video posted by 713wesley on YouTube, a student curses at another student prior to "a fight that almost happpened" in Bell City.
The YouTube user wrote, "wish the teacher didn't break it up..."
Other students are visible in the background during the incident and a female voice, apparently the teacher in charge of the class, is heard toward the end.
The classroom cursing video is similar to a video Louisiana Now discovered in April of students cursing, dancing and using racial slurs apparently while at a Baton Rouge school

At no point in the video, which is two minutes and 24 seconds, does it appear that students are working or being instructed.
A female voice at one point is heard saying, "F--- the Lakers, n----- I ought to punch you."
Later a girl is seen giving "the bird" and a boy is heard exclaiming "b----".
"That n---- is stupid," a girl is heard saying as the boy runs away.

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