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Jindal back in national spotlight

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's opinion column, How to Make Health-Care Reform Bipartisan, was published in the Wall Street Journal.
"In Washington, it seems history always repeats itself," he wrote. "That’s what’s happening now with health-care reform."
Jindal also talked health care on the Fox News show "Hannity".
"Jindal is warning that the legislation will have unintended consequences including the fact that most Americans will end up with government-run health care, only the wealthy will have a choice about this, bureaucrats, not patients or doctors, will make choices about your health, and the quality of care will diminish," the show led.
Meanwhile in his home state, a statewide survey by Public Policy Polling showed Jindal is still popular among Louisiana voters, although his numbers are far below the approval ratings he enjoyed after his first year in office, WWL reports.

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