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Which state government is most embarrassing? Yes, Louisiana made the list

Newsweek: In Louisiana, the nation's most corrupt state, fraud is a form of entertainment, Adam B. Kushner writes.
"The challenge for my home state of Louisiana is not how to prove its mettle in the corruption stakes, but how to compress, into a few homely paragraphs, a raft of evidence that would crash your browser," he writes.

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Barbara Ann Jackson said...

I am believe that Senator David Vitter tops the list for reasons why Louisiana is so corrupt, and I’m hoping there’s a competent, formidable opponent to Vitter’s reelection pursuit.

The following is an excerpt from: http://www.lawgrace.org/2010/03/12/not-re-election-but-investigation-of-us-senator-david-vitter-is-long-overdue/

"U.S. Senator David Vitter seems to think he can out think people; and he has an aggravating habit of distracting attention away from himself. Recently, Vitter’s response concerning the Senate Ethics Committee complaint that Rep. Charlie Melancon filed against Vitter was, to point to the NFL and ‘who dat’; and lack of a complaint about Barak Obama’s use of an eagle seal. (I am not acquainted with Melancon.) Not to mention his going ballistic, insulting airport personnel, opening an airport security door, and fleeing the scence after –due to his being late to board a plane, Vitter was not allowed to break the rules! Average citizens would have SERIOUS consequences for doing such things. Moreover, Vitter’s apology to wife and god for his dalliances with prostitutes does not translate into end of story. Also, his accusing Melancon as being arrogant is laughable considering Vitter’s arrogance and repugnance during his contest with Senator Mary Landrieu over appointing federal judges and U.S. Attorneys. Emphatically, certain issues involving Vitter definitely warrant contemplation:

1. A public official’s illicit behavior requires sneaking around; and it’s almost impossible to escape buying silence with hush money, political favors, job positions, and who-knows-what. Vitter would be compelled to give gifts that keep on giving.

2. Louisiana citizens receive tabs when politicians engage in dark secrets. There are things like earmarks to businesses, or career appointments for persons who keep silent about what they know. And, there are the costly sham investigations, wire taps, etc, which unjustly encompasses innocent people. Plausibly, certain Vitter associates supply data on people which ensures compliance with tainted politics. Considering information about the U. S. Attorney in Baton Rouge, David Dugas, whom Vitter dogmatically tried to get appointed as a federal judge, gifts from Vitter may not be so easy to detect.

3. Vitter’s indiscretions would cause him to miss certain Congressional hearings and fail to vote on certain bills that were presented on the floor. During the DC Madam scandal, some reports were that only a few of the 100 members of the US Senate had missed as many votes as Vitter.

4. Louisiana is engulfed in poverty, violence, and health deficit conditions. The majority of people who voice their support for Vitter are either wealthy or have well-established livelihoods, or well-connected. Even after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina exposed Louisiana’s conditions, nothing was heard from Vitter that was of direct benefit for . . .*Read entire article @ http://www.lawgrace.org/2010/03/12/not-re-election-but-investigation-of-us-senator-david-vitter-is-long-overdue/