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V Vehicle to set up shop in Monroe

Texas oil and gas executive T. Boone Pickens is backing a plan by a group of California venture capitalists to build cars at an abandoned auto factory in Monroe, Louisiana.
As the Monroe News Star reports, V Vehicle Company announced a new auto plant in Monroe today along with Monroe Mayor James Mayo Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and others.
According to Business Insider, the start-up company rolled out two big headline investors: Kleiner Perkins and T. Boone Pickens.
The company hails from San Diego, California.
The project will create 1,400 new jobs, reports The Ouachita Citizen.
The Car Connection has sneak-peek pictures of VVC car sketches.
Meanwhile, CNN asks, "An auto startup in Louisiana - What the heck?"
And Fox News calls it the "All-American Car" company.

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